About Us

PT Prima Safeindo is a company leading of industrial safety footwear and markets them under the brand of KIKO. Non-footwear PPE products marketed include SafetyEyewear, Safety Helmet, PVC Boots, Safety Harness etc. Test

Our KIKO Safety Footwear are widely used in heavy and light industries, including the logistics, oil and gas, ship repair, aviation engineering, mining, manufacturing and automotive industries, construction, hotel etc. With its mission of “Safety”, PT Prima Safeindo dedicates its business in pursuit of manufacturing the highest quality safety footwear and other PPE products that provide safety to workers in all work places. These products comply with international safety standards and are certified by accredited testing bodies in Europe.

We take this opportunity to record our appreciation for your continuous support and look forward to another successful year of strong partnership.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment.
Safety Footwear – Shoes, Sandals and Boots.

Our Vision

To be a safety personal protective equipment company providing safety to workers in all work places.